Activities prospects national law universities

Activities and Prospects at National Law Universities

After months of rigorous studies , anticipation and stress, comes the days when you , one of the few fortunate candidates finally step onto your dream campus. Here are some of the notable facts, co-curriculum, extra –curriculum activities , opportunities and explicit treats waiting for you. Edufoster the best institute for CLAT prep helps you understating the life, various activities and prospects inside National Law Universities better.


The architecture of most of the National Law Universities portrays an image of a new corporate India which is on the verge of becoming an economic superpower. Based on the values of openness and integrity, National Law Universities are true reflection of India's ideals. Equipped with the best academic facilities students at National Law Universities pursue academics and co-curricular activities with tremendous fervour and thoroughness, perfectly complemented by its state-of-the-art infrastructure. Infrastructure is divided into two parts Physical and academic. Physical infrastructure means that the building is equipped with classroom and state of the art technology devices like projectors and presentation devices. Huge funds are still being spent on Seminar Halls, Auditoriums and Seminar Halls so that events of an international scale can be held. Hostel and mess facilities cannot be generalized and vastly vary from college to college , however a cosmopolitan menu comprises pan India character and flavor are commonly present.

Unpredictable Hostel Life !

Apart from the infrastructural soundness, all the hostels provide sufficient scope for interaction and relationship-building. However world class infrastructure or facilities are no guarantee that your staying in hostel for five years remain as peaceful and eventless as your peer or friends, it depends on one’s interpersonal skills. There are common rooms, games rooms and courts for various sports in all hostels, where the students can relax and cool down after a hectic day of work. There is freedom of movement and students constantly interact with one another. This gives the new students full scope to know their seniors, learn from them, leverage their knowledge and build lasting relations with them. It is also a common sight to find study groups and project groups working away into the night in the hostel common rooms. These interactions play an especially important role in a student’s life during placements and examinations. Life in the hostel is marked by a sense of interdependence, sharing of practically everything under the sun, and loads of other things you wouldn’t have imagined yourselves doing. It’s only a matter of time before you adapt to life in a hostel.

Need to be a book warm

Most of us are aware of this facts that law degree requires a lot of reading and content from a different sectors hence Law students get a reputation for clocking up the library hours because each week you need to learn what the law actually is and academics’ opinions of it from scratch, and neither of these will be particularly short. There is definitely an art to managing the reading lists and you will get all the advice you need from older students when you first arrive, but it does take a while to get used to the pace of learning. The motto is to make you an efficient reader who without spending much of his time can get the inference of any article or passage . Library plays an important role as it has mind blowing collection from not only indian constitution but from global important countries. As being part of an MNC’s legal team, one needs to be adept in the constitution or many big players. So you will observe as a fresher is that there is a strange fascination for the library in college when you join. In some cases, people camp in the library to avoid getting ragged by your seniors in the hostels. In some others, there are the extra-studious students in each batch who like to put in long hours of work in the library from day one.

There is a mad rush, cut throat competition

Usually, more and more law firms are offering placements and taster days during the first year of university fueling the competition to outsmart others from day one. Having made up your mind to become a successful solicitor it is worth becoming part of this race if you want to be ahead of the game. It is also a fact of life that in legal sector, like anywhere at the moment, it is very competitive for finding a job. Keep on top of your work, get involved with co-curricular or extra-curricular and apply to any placements or schemes which may interest you so that your CV looks as good as it possibly can when you get to more serious applications.

Placements and packages

There is a perception about comparatively high salaries are being paid in campus recruitment at National Law Universities . “the minimum salary a student earns through campus recruitment is Rs 1 lakh per month,” India Today said in its 8 June supplement ranking India’s top law colleges. This is not an exaggerated statement as almost half of the 2012 batch of NLSIU’s graduates did pick up basic annual starting salary packages of more than Rs 10 lakh that can become Rs 15 lakh with the inclusion of year-end bonuses and those who were placed with overseas law firms were paid much higher. That fuelled the perception about the law being one of the most lucrative study choices. However, not to get surprised if one is paid below Rs 1 lakh mostly in newer national law schools.