Achieve Law Mastery in 60 Days by Choosing the Top CLAT Coaching in Kolkata

Are you seriously preparing for your law paper since long time and not getting good result? It is known to everybody that for the preparation of law, CLAT exam is necessary. Although CLAT is very tough to crack, but with effort and dedication, candidates can easily crack the exam.

CLAT or Common Law Admission Test is a centralised national level entrance test for admission to the 25 out of 27 National Law Universities, except NLU Delhi and NLU Meghalaya. The law entrance exam is of two hours duration and the question paper consists of 120 multiple choice questions. Basically, there are five sections in the CLAT exam like: - current affairs including general knowledge, legal reasoning, logical reasoning, and quantitative aptitude. The breakup of marks are as follows:-

Subjects                                              Number of Questions                        Marks

English Language                                22-26 questions                                   22 - 26

Current Affairs,

Including General Knowledge            28-32 questions                                   28 - 32

Legal Reasoning                                  28-32 questions                                   28 - 32

Logical Reasoning                               22-26 questions                                   22 - 26

Quantitative Techniques                     10-14 questions                                   10 - 14

Total                                                       120                                                          120

Through this web blog, candidates will know about one of the best CLAT coaching in Kolkata and also about how to achieve law mastery in 60 days i.e. 2 months by choosing the particular institute.

When talking about the different coaching institutes, CLAT Edufoster Institute holds the significant position in providing the best kind of knowledge to the candidates. Some of the best services given by our coaching institute are mentioned below –

1.      Classroom coaching

2.      Online coaching

3.      Test series

4.      Video courses

5.      Previous year papers

6.      Quizzes

How to prepare for CLAT within 60 days?

The answer is by joining the CLAT Edufoster Institute. Yes, if you join the best law coaching in Kolkata, surely you going to crack your CLAT exam within 2 months.

Day 1-15 : Foundation Building

1.      Understand the exam pattern – Candidates firstly need to understand the exam pattern of CLAT. You may need to know the marking scheme and time allocation for each subject. The teachers of the top CLAT coaching in Kolkata clear all doubts of students and prepare them within 60 days.

2.      Assess your strengths and weakness – Candidates need to identify their strongest and weakest points. There are total number of five subjects in CLAT. If you are weak in any of the subjects, you need to make your base strong. It does not mean that you should neglect subjects in which you are strong.

3.      Create a study schedule – Candidates need to create a study schedule for themselves in which they need to allocate specific time for each subjects. Ensure a balance between subjects to avoid burnout.

4.      Gather study materials - Acquire quality study materials, including textbooks, online resources, and mock test series. CLAT Edufoster Institute provide comprehensive study materials.

Day 16- 30: Intensive subject wise study

1.      Subject wise breakdown - Allocate specific days for each subject. Dive deep into legal concepts with materials provided by the best CLAT coaching in Kolkata. Use recommended reference books for in-depth understanding.

2.      Regular mock tests - Begin taking regular mock tests to assess your progress. Analyse your performance to identify areas that need improvement.

3.      Legal reasoning practice - Focus on improving your legal reasoning skills. Solve a variety of legal aptitude questions and explore case studies. Feel free to ask from the reputed teachers of CLAT Edufoster Institute.

Day 31 – 45: Revision and refinement

1.      Daily Revision: Dedicate time each day for revision. Revisit key concepts, formulas, and legal principles. Use flashcards or concise notes for quick reviews.

2.      Clarify Doubts: Engage with tutors of top CLAT coaching in Kolkata or online forums to clarify any doubts or queries. Addressing uncertainties promptly is crucial for a strong foundation.

3.      Simulated Exam Environment: Simulate exam conditions during your mock tests. Practice time management and build your stamina for the lengthy exam duration.

Day 45 – 60: Final preparation

1.      Mock Test Analysis: Focus on analysing your mock test performances. Understand patterns of mistakes and strategize accordingly.

2.      Time Management: Fine-tune your time management skills. Prioritize questions based on your strengths and the time required.

3.      Stay Calm and Confident: In the final days, maintain a positive mindset. Stay calm, confident, and trust in your preparation. Revisit any weak areas for a last-minute brush-up.


Hence, to achieve success in your upcoming CLAT exam, you should take help of the best law coaching in Kolkata. Remember, consistency, strategic planning, and a positive attitude are key to success. Best of luck on your journey to CLAT mastery!