How to Tackle CLAT Logical Reasoning Section with CLAT Edufoster Institute?

Are you preparing for CLAT or Common Law Admission Test exam? If you are facing difficulties in subject like logical reasoning, then this would be the suitable web blog for you. Through this web blog, you will know about how to tackle CLAT’s Logical reasoning section with the help of Best CLAT Coaching institute Kolkata.

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Now, let us discuss about CLAT’s logical reasoning subject. The CLAT logical reasoning section is one of the most important subject which holds nearly 20% weightage in the exam. The logical reasoning for CLAT is designed to evaluate candidate’s skills in reasoning and comprehension. The logical reasoning syllabus includes critical and analytical reasoning topics based on current affairs and events. The 300 words passages will be given to you and you have to answer taking the information from the passage.

Candidates must know that the speed and accuracy is required to clear the logical reasoning section in the examination hall. Here, we have mentioned a detailed analysis of the CLAT Logical Reasoning section and the syllabus, books, topics covered, and preparation tips.

·         Number of Passages: 4-5 passages, 300 words each

·         Types of Questions: MCQs

·         Total Number of questions: 28-32 questions

·         Content of CLAT Logical Reasoning passage: A number of the passages are going to be drawn from editorials and articles with arguments and statements beginning relationships or giving some puzzles. However, there could also be some questions from number series, age, and blood relations.

CLAT logical reasoning exam pattern

Components                   Details

Question type              MCQs

Number of passages   4-5 (300 words each)

Total Questions in CLAT Logical Reasoning   28-32

Total Marks 28-32

Approximate Weightage 20%

Logical reasoning syllabus for CLAT

Important Topics of CLAT Logical Reasoning 2023

Arrangements                         Arguments

Number Series                                    Blood Relations

Logical Sequences                   Puzzles

Ranking and Order                 Calendar

Para Jumbles                           Pairing

Seating Arrangement             Coding and Decoding

Data Interpretation                 Direction

Questions on Inference                       Syllogisms

Assumptions                                        Connectives

How to prepare for Logical reasoning

Candidates who are new to this field and want to prepare for logical reasoning with the help of top CLAT coaching in Kolkata, then you are most welcome to the CLAT Edufoster Institute. Here are few tips which you can use for your clat preparation. Some of them are as follows –

1.      Candidates need to focus on their studies thoroughly and must solve the previous year question papers and sample papers of CLAT logical reasoning with the help of law coaching in Kolkata.

2.      Candidates can either take help from the reputed teachers of CLAT Edufoster Institute. They will clear all your doubts by providing doubt clearing sessions.

3.      Do not mug up and apply logic and tricks, mugging up the pattern is not suggested to solve logical reasoning CLAT questions.

4.      Candidates must know how to manage time, so for this they must learn about the time management skills. Speed and accuracy is needed.

5.      Answer from the passage, not from the outside principle.

6.      Candidates must develop quick reading and critical thinking.

7.      Identify the patterns of reasoning and manipulate information to a given conclusion.

8.      Candidates must make a strategic study plan to prepare for CLAT logical reasoning section. Try to invest at least 1:30 to 2 hours every day in completing the important topics of logical reasoning questions for CLAT.

9.      Start with the easiest topic and then move to the tougher ones

10.  Revision is extremely important, so revise all the concepts very thoroughly before the exam.

11.  Don’t forget about mock test, you can take mock test to become more intelligent before the exam.

A comprehensive overview of CLAT logical reasoning section

It is observed that this segment of the exam is commonly categorised as being of easy to moderate difficulty. However, one notable aspect worth mentioning is that despite the relatively manageable complexity level, the questions presented to the candidates tend to be quite lengthy, requiring a substantial amount of reading and analytical skills.

In this section, the examination comprised a total of six distinct passages, each encompassing an approximate word count of 300 words. These passages were thoughtfully designed to encompass a diverse range of subjects, with some of the prominent topics being the impact of climate change on the regions of Asia and India, the prevailing socio-economic status within schools, and the ongoing implications of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Within the context of these passages, candidates encountered a set of five questions pertaining to each individual passage, culminating in a total of thirty questions for the entire Logical Reasoning Section. What distinguishes these questions is their predominantly straightforward nature, which necessitated candidates to scrutinise the content of each passage and subsequently deduce conclusive insights and answers.


Hence, candidates were obliged to exhibit not just their critical thinking skills, but also their proficiency in effectively comprehending and construing the information conveyed within the passages. As a result, while the difficulty level of the questions was not overtly high, the time-consuming aspect of analysing the lengthy passages demanded that candidates strike a balance between speed and accuracy to perform optimally in this section. So, if you are looking for the top law coaching in Kolkata, then visit the website of CLAT Edufoster Institute and benefited with its services.