Subject Wise Topics for CLAT 2024 By CLAT Edufoster Institute

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What are the important topics of miscellaneous law for clat ?

Some important topics of miscellaneous law for CLAT includes – environmental law, intellectual property law, cyber law, family law and law related to women and children.

Is CLAT important for a law degree in India?

Yes, CLAT or Common Law Admission Test is a very important for a law degree in India.

For CLAT, which stream is best?

However, if you are from a humanities or commerce background, you can find the topics which are similar for CLAT exam.

Types of questions asked in the CLAT exam

Candidates must also know the types of questions which are asked in the CLAT exam.

·         Multiple choice questions with four answer choice

·         Passage based questions with multiple choice question

·         Assertion reasoning questions

·         Analytical reasoning questions

·         Legal reasoning questions

·         Quantitative aptitude related questions

·         General knowledge and current affairs questions

Important topics for CLAT UG 2024

Here are some important topics for CLAT UG 2024 which you need to know about.

1.      English Language: Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, and Error Detection.

2.      Current Affairs: National and International events, Government policies, and recent developments in law and justice.

3.      Legal Reasoning: Legal concepts, Principles of law, and judicial decisions and precedents.

4.      Logical Reasoning: Critical reasoning, Analogies, Syllogisms, and Logical sequences.

5.      Quantitative Techniques: Elementary Mathematics, Algebra, and Data Interpretation.

Important topics for English

1.      Vocabulary – A strong vocabulary is needed to excel in this section. You should focus on learning new words, their meanings and their sentence usage.

2.      Grammar – to excel in the grammar section, you should focus on tense, subject verb agreement article, prepositions and conjunctions

3.      Reading comprehension – The reading comprehension tests your understanding of a passage. Focus on passage’s main idea, tone and purpose.

4.      Error detection - The error detection section tests your ability to identify errors in a sentence. You should focus on grammar rules and syntax to identify the mistakes. Additionally, you must practice identifying the correct usage of punctuation marks.

Important topics for GK and Current Affairs

·         Indian Polity and Governance: This topic covers the Indian Constitution, its history, and its various provisions. You should also be aware of the structure and functioning of the Indian government, including the executive, legislature, and judiciary.

·         International Relations: This topic covers India's relationship with other countries, foreign policy, and role in international organizations such as the United Nations.

·         Economics and Finance: This topic covers the basics of economics, such as supply and demand, inflation, and economic policies. You should also be aware of the latest developments in the financial sector, such as the budget, GST, and banking reforms.

·         Science and Technology: This topic covers the latest developments in science and technology, such as space exploration, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology. You should also be aware of these developments' ethical and legal implications.

·         Environment and Ecology: This topic covers the conservation and management of natural resources, climate change, and biodiversity. You should know the latest environmental laws and policies, such as the National Green Tribunal and the Paris Agreement.

·         Sports and Entertainment: This topic covers the latest happenings in sports and entertainment, including major tournaments and awards.

Important topics for Maths

·         Number System: This topic covers factors, multiples, divisibility, and prime and composite numbers.

·         Percentages and Ratios: This topic covers calculating percentages, ratios, and proportions, which are used to solve various problems related to finance and business.

·         Algebra: This topic covers the basics of algebra, including linear equations, quadratic equations, and polynomials.

·         Geometry: This topic covers the basics of geometry, including lines, angles, triangles, circles, and polygons.

·         Mensuration: This topic covers calculating the area, perimeter, and volume of different shapes, including squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles.

·         Data Interpretation: This topic covers the interpretation of data, including bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, and tables.

Important topics for legal reasoning

·         Legal Maxims: Legal maxims are principles of law that have been established through judicial decisions and precedents.

·         Constitutional Law: This topic deals with the principles and provisions of the Indian Constitution, including fundamental rights, directive principles, and the separation of powers.

·         Criminal Law: This topic deals with the principles and provisions of the Indian Penal Code and other criminal laws. Understanding the different types of crimes, their punishments, and the legal procedures involved in criminal cases is essential.

·         Contract Law: This topic deals with the principles and provisions of contract law, including the different types of contracts, their formation, and their enforceability.

·         Tort Law: This topic deals with the principles and provisions of tort law, including negligence, nuisance, and defamation.

·         International Law: This topic deals with the principles and provisions of international law, including international treaties and agreements, human rights, and international organizations.


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