Ultimate Hacks for Science Student to Ace CLAT 2023

Is it possible for a science student to prepare for CLAT exam? Well, you all know that CLAT is  a law test and Arts students can effectively handle and can prepare for law exam. But what if science students want to study law? Yes, nowadays students of science stream can also prepare for law with the help of CLAT coaching classes in Kolkata. In this article we will share the ultimate hacks for science students to ace CLAT 2023.

What are the pros for science students to ace CLAT ?

Here are some of the pros for science students to ace CLAT like a pro -


1. Being a science student, you have the edge over maths and reasoning

2. You might have been well versed with the mathematical concepts

3. Use your mathematical skills to your advantage


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Top hacks for science students to ace CLAT

Common Law Admission Test is a national level entrance examination to test the basic knowledge of aspirants. After clearing the CLAT, students can be eligible to enroll themselves in the BA LLB program in the 26 National law universities around India.

Students learn courtroom behaviour and enhance their legal knowledge base in the BA LLB course. Science stream students need to be adept at learning new things, if they want to excel in their career.


1. Polish the reasoning skills

2. Utilize your domain knowledge

3. Score the maximize marks in Quant section

4. Go for the easiest topics and sections

5. Develop a strong foundation in legal aptitude

6. Enhance your english language skills

7. Seek guidance and mentorship

8. Mock test and revision

Polish the reasoning skills 

The science subjects such as physics,chemistry,mathematics demands strong reasoning and mathematical skill. Due to the nature of these technical subjects, science students have a high logical reasoning, problem solving and analytical skills. CLAT also requires a similar set of skills from any law aspirant. Logical thinking, open-mindedness, and a keen interest in law are the basic requirements for clearing CLAT. A science aspirant can fulfill all these just by using the right preparation strategy for CLAT and good guidance. And also the right CLAT coaching classes in Kolkata like CLAT Edufoster Institute is needed.

Utilize your domain knowledge

Being a science student, you can efficiently utilize the concepts of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics to solve any future law case. This way, you can apply the vital areas of science for law.

As they say, knowledge is bliss. You can do it academically and professionally if you have a general knowledge of forensic science. Use data, scientific facts, and evidence to prove your stance in arguments and debates.

 In CLAT, there are instances when science-based passages are tested, which you may have an upper hand in understanding, as you have prior knowledge of the terms used in them.

Score the maximum marks in Quant section

You can expect approximately 15-17 questions each of one marks based on the previous year's question paper of CLAT. Try to solve the maximum number of questions from t he quantitative section. All the science students study advanced mathematics till class 12. In CLAT, the questions are based on basic mathematics of the class 10 level. This gives you an upper hand which you can utilize to the fullest.

Go for the easiest topics and sections

Always start with the section that is the easiest, the most scoring, and less time-consuming. It will give you a high cost-benefit ratio compared to the other sections. For CLAT, the English section is the ideal section to start with. You can solve aim to solve 28-32 questions in 15 minutes. Spend no more than an average of 30 seconds per question. Following this hack will give you more time for other time-consuming sections, such as Quantitative Techniques and Legal Reasoning.

Develop a strong foundation in legal aptitude

Legal aptitude is a crucial section in CLAT, and science students may find it unfamiliar. Start by familiarizing yourself with basic legal concepts and terminologies. Read law-related books and study materials to grasp the fundamentals of law. Solve practice questions and mock tests to improve your legal reasoning skills. Joining a coaching institute or online course that provides specialized guidance for CLAT can also be beneficial.

Enahance your english language skills

While science students may excel in logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude, they often face challenges in language-related sections. To overcome this, make a habit of reading newspapers, magazines, and law-related articles regularly. Focus on improving your vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar skills. Solve previous years' question papers to get a better idea of the language-based questions asked in CLAT.

Seek guidance and mentorship

Science students may face certain challenges that are unique to their background. Consider seeking guidance from mentors or experienced individuals who have successfully cracked CLAT. They can provide valuable insights, suggest effective study materials, and offer strategies tailored to your needs. Additionally, joining online forums or study groups can also provide a platform to discuss doubts, share resources, and learn from peers.

Mock test and revision

Regularly take mock tests to assess your progress and identify your weak areas. Mock tests will familiarize you with the exam format and help you manage time effectively.  After each mock test, analyze your performance, review incorrect answers, and revise the related topics. Maintain a revision schedule to reinforce your understanding of all subjects.


With determination, focused preparation and right strategies, a science student can easily crack the CLAT exam. So, what to opt for? Visit the top clat coaching in kolkata and be benefited with its services.


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